Empower your health decisions

Comprehensive health assessment

Genomic risk analysis

Personalised health recommendations

What's Included

The GoNavigate advantage

Gain genuine insights into your health risks

GoNavigate™ is the first test in Australia to integrate medical and genetic information to give you a picture of your health now, and in the future.

Be proactive about health management

Knowing your risks can help you and your doctor make proactive health decisions by taking steps to detect diseases early, or even prevent them from developing.

Work with our team of experts

Expert health professionals will be on hand to offer guidance and support throughout your GoNavigate™ journey.

How It Works

  • Contact us to book an appointment and complete a health questionnaire
  • Visit a Life First clinic for your comprehensive health assessment
  • Meet a genetic health professional to discuss any questions you may have. At this time, you can provide consent to proceed with GoNavigate™
  • Meet your health coach to receive personalised recommendations to help you to improve your lifestyle
  • Meet the genetic health professional again to learn about your genomic risk assessment and pharmacogenomics results
  • You may be advised to seek additional specialist advice based on findings in the assessment

In the news

In the news

Did you know that early detection of prostate or breast cancer can increase the 5 year survival rate by up to 380%?

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