Your first step towards precision healthcare.

Understanding your risks empowers proactive health decisions.

Your story is unique.

A combination of factors, such as your lifestyle, your environment and the information encoded in your DNA all interact to influence your health.

GoNavigate™ offers you access to an additional layer of personalised health information.

The GoNavigate program

Comprehensive health assessment

  • Thorough analysis of personal and family health history
  • Head-to-toe medical examination
  • Extensive pathology including a full blood analysis
  • Face to face and telephone consultations with qualified health coaches, exercise physiologists and dieticians
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Genomic risk assessment

  • Assessment of increased genetic risks of certain inherited conditions, including cancers and heart conditions. All conditions that we assess risk of can potentially be treated, managed, monitored or prevented.
  • One-on-one consultation sessions with a genetic health professional to help you understand your genomic results
  • Potential reanalysis of your genome in the future
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Personalised pharmacogenomics analysis (medication analysis)

  • Information on your likely response to certain medications based on your genomic information
  • Covering over 220 prescription and over-the-counter medications

Personalised health recommendations

  • Tailored recommendations from health professionals focused on risk reduction, prevention and treatment

How It Works

  • Contact us to book an appointment and complete a health questionnaire
  • Visit a Life First clinic for your comprehensive health assessment
  • Meet a genetic health professional to discuss any questions you may have. At this time, you can provide consent to proceed with GoNavigate™
  • Meet your health coach to receive personalised recommendations to help you to improve your lifestyle
  • Meet the genetic health professional again to learn about your genomic risk assessment and pharmacogenomics results
  • You may be advised to seek additional specialist advice based on findings in the assessment

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